Save time, save money,
save the planet.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Bantham Technologies offer intelligent digital solutions, delivering unprecedented efficiency for all types of business, while positively impacting the environment through reducing travel costs and paper use. Our digital transformation services and solutions will migrate your business from paper-based to paper-less and significantly reduce your energy consumption.

The Bantham Technologies management team have more than thirty years of experience in mobile communications, telematics and data capture software and technologies. We have leveraged that expertise into a service that can transform your operation to digital sustainability.

Digital transformation is not difficult.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

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Remote Working.

Data is the lubricating lifeblood of your business. Capture your remote data securely and simply. Convert your existing documents and business forms into intelligent digital templates, giving you total control and visibility.

Your transition from paper to digital will be your first step in improving virtually every business process from data collection, using apps to fill out forms, conducting collaborative work processes and finally through archiving and instant record retrieval.

Harness the power of AI and electronic data capture as well as digital pen technology. Error-free data can be validated, audited and uploaded into your back-office systems in real-time, from anywhere, using tablets, smartphones or digital pens and paper. (Yes, paper isn’t going to completely disappear. You’ll just use, store, and misplace far less than ever before). That’s how deep remote working software helps to transform your business.

Great for your business.
Great for the environment.

Take a look at our Environomics Calculator NOW to see how you can improve your carbon footprint, saving time and money. Your savings are scalable, but your return on investment for every £1 spent is over eleven-fold.

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Virtual Workspaces.

Bring people together in a collaborative, safe environment like never before. Virtual workspaces enable your team to work together in real time on any device. Your people share ideas and plan projects in a secure, live and unrestricted environment.

Virtual workspaces allow continued engagement in a background of changing landscape where everyone has the same experience as if they were in the same room.

Virtual Workspaces are device agnostic. They provide a secure, yet accessible way to encourage, maintain, and monitor productivity as well as instant communications, no matter the location of your workforce.

Save Time, Save Money,
Save the Planet.

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Digital transformation in COVID-19 era

Our long experience is also the foundation of an in-depth understanding of how new technology can be integrated and deployed. That integration and deployment are especially important during the digital transformation revolution brought on by Covid-19.

When the pandemic has passed and digital transformation has changed the way everyone does business, Bantham Technologies will continue to be your partner as we proceed to ever-improving ways you do business both remotely and in the cloud.


Here is what clients say about our digital transformation solutions.

We are using the Bantham's Digital Pen system for Property service & maintenance field engineers, primarily in order to speed up the whole process of paperwork turnaround. So far the system is working very well and can only improve as time goes on by possibly eventually converting to the tablet system.
Simon Baber
Labour & Contracts Controller at MFN Group
We have been using this technology for around 2 years and have found it to be reliable and time saving as we can have a copy of the engineers works sheet back in the office for processing in real time. We also use a third party software that recognises e-mails from INKWRX™, prints the worksheets out automatically and saves a copy on our server.”
Neil Hughes
Security & Fire Protection

Bantham customers.

Join the long list of businesses that already use our digital transformation platform.

What We Do.

At Bantham Technologies we specialise in digital capture and information sharing. In short, our cloud-based platform gets information from anywhere to anywhere, securely and in real-time. Our solutions are tailored for organisations with employees working in the field or for those whose roles mean that they are constantly on the move, such as warehouse workers or NHS staff.

Moving to Digital – Making it easy.

The Bantham team have over three decades of experience collaborating with our clients to meet their individual business needs. We support your business from initial enquiry through to implementation and beyond. The “beyond” is the service after deployment where our team become your virtual IT department.

We will help you go paper-less, or paper-light – (if your business process means you have to use pen and paper), without changing your current working practice – unless that practice involved high storage costs and inefficient document management.

Your data flow will be quicker, with greater integrity. Your team meetings will be more dynamic, on point, and efficient. And best of all, you’ll be saving money while positively impacting the environment with a lower carbon footprint.

To learn more about what to expect when on-boarding with Bantham, please talk to us.

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Solution Benefits

Our secure cloud-based solutions enable your corporate data to flow from anywhere to anywhere, meaning that the right data arrives at the right place in the shortest possible timeframe, at the lowest possible cost. We offer:

End to end audit trail built into your data capture.
Your data capture is automatically encrypted at source, the input is time-stamped, geo-stamped and comes with a tamperproof seal if required. Actual data capture can be replayed exactly as it originated.
Data capture individually designed for your business needs.
Use our platform to only collect and report on the data which actually moves your business forward. Remove subjectivity and eliminate historic processes which no longer apply. Shorten turnaround times and speed up invoicing. Receive reports tailored to your KPIs and overall business needs.
Strip paperwork from your business processes.
Pre-populate forms, remove data re-entry, eliminate the need for scanning, posting, filing, input errors and the risk lost paperwork. Remove the need by field staff to travel to the office to deliver paperwork. Capture/input data on any device (even pen and paper) from any location.