Turn your paper forms digital.

Bantham Technologies is a professional mobile app and web platform that simply turns your paper forms digital so your data collection, data processing and data management is at click of a button.

Digital forms are an admin dream, they save you precious time, streamline your business and are eco-friendly.

On average each individual digital form user saves, £2,114 per year, based solely on time saved through admin and reduced travel.

Try it now for FREE! We’ll even build your first form.

Turn paper forms digital

Digital forms with seamless data collection

No more lost or incomplete paper forms. No more piles of illegible paperwork waiting for data entry.
No more waiting for critical paperwork to reach the right people.

Build Smarter Digital Forms

Use our simple drag-and-drop Form Builder to customize your digital forms for smart phones or tablets. Or select one of our service packages and let us do all the lifting for you.

Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

Your teams can complete and submit digital forms anywhere – even offline. Unlike paper forms, your digital forms can now validate answers, collect photos, signatures, reference live data resources and much more.

Deliver Data Instantly, Anywhere

The data you collect is delivered exactly where you need it. Flag issues for immediate attention. Send responses directly to your operating systems and let the technology enter the data for you.

Work smarter. Not harder.

Make your admin nightmare a thing of the past with digital forms and get time back to focus on other areas of your business, creating time for you to reinvest.


Streamline your inspection process with mobile checklists and inspection forms you can complete from your phone or tablet.

Daily & Weekly Reports

Reduce the time your team spends completing routine forms like daily and weekly reports and allow them to focus on the job at hand.

Work Orders

Turn paper work orders into dynamic digital forms that allow you to collect, process and analyze information in minutes.

Time Sheets

Improve workforce management with digital time sheets that reduce issues like missing, illegible, or inaccurate time tracking.

Real benefits for your organisation

Unlock immediate and tangible savings through easy-to-implement technology and a remote workforce. Doing so allows you to shrink your environmental footprint with improved data integrity. Utilize remote working opportunities to accomplish all your required tasks.

Save time

When you use Bantham Technologies remote working software, you’ll enjoy all this and more:

  • No more posting or hand-delivering important documents.
  • Eliminate manual data input.
  • Never search for lost or damaged documents.
  • Obtain complete control over your data, with immediate error-free retrieval from any location.
  • Reduce turnaround times.

Save Money

Our solutions require no upfront investment. Moreover, with a remote team, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility.
  • No upfront investment required.
  • Begin saving money from day one.

In fact, each individual subscriber saved, on average, £2,114 per year, based solely on time saved and reduced travel.

Save the Planet

Each year, on average Bantham customers reduced their travel by over 14 million miles (that’s like driving around the world over 600 hundred times), reduced their carbon emissions by over 6,000 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent of 60 blue whales) and saved over £2m in fuel bills. They also saved over 5 million pages of A4 and some 50 million litres of water.

Bantham Technologies benefits


The results our customers see after turning paper forms digital:


Shortened the time to receive completed forms.


Decreased the amount of time spent manually re-entering form data.


Increased the amount of work completed.


Lowered their risk and liability.

Better business and better environment

As a customer you will receive a monthly Bantham Environomics report, highlighting savings achieved across a number of key indicators. These can quickly and easily be incorporated into your management reporting and will naturally compliment any sustainability targets.

How much could your business save?

Click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to add the number of your remote users to show your savings in the first month.


Number of



Return on Investment
For every £1 spent.


Average monthly
Money Saved.


A4 sheets of
Paper Saved.


Litres of
Water Saved.


Tonnes of
CO2 Saved.


Hours Saved.


Miles of
Travel Saved.

Figures based on actual utilisation across all customers.

If you cannot turn your paper forms digital, we have a Paper-light solution...

Digital Pen and Paper

Fast, efficient and secure data capture in the format you need. 

Easily convert your existing paper forms to allow your workforce to efficiently complete paperwork via the NeoLab Digital Smartpen. 

Within a few days or even hours, we can implement a Paper-light solution, that seamlessly integrates with your current operational processes.

Turn paper forms digital

Digital transformation is not difficult.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t create digital forms sooner!