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Pioneers in digital data capture, improving operational efficiencies & sustainability for our customers.

Bantham Technologies: Revolutionising Digital Data Capture

Bantham Technologies’ is a pioneer of commercial digital forms and its origin dates back to 2002. We specialise in digital data capture, information sharing and sustainability. With our cloud-based platform information is delivered from anywhere to anywhere, securely and in real-time. Bantham’s digital solutions are tailored for organisations with employees working in the field or for those whose roles mean that they are constantly on the move, such as, engineers and healthcare workers.

We are dedicated to improving operational efficiencies for our customers and strive to remove, or at least significantly reduce, the often clunky and time-consuming paper-based processes. This is achieved through digitisation, where we ensure that the right information gets to the right place faster than before. Furthermore, the benefits to our customers are, improved data integrity, lower carbon emissions and lower operational costs.

What makes Bantham Technologies different?

1. We lead the market.

We want Bantham Technologies to be the go-to name for digital data capture. Our promise is to stay innovative and on top of our game. Therefore, we will challenge our industry and push the boundaries of what is expected of us. 

Bantham Technologies

2. We do it right.

We’re not interested in cutting corners, so from the moment you engage us, we’ll take care of the details. From designing forms, to capturing and delivering your data, we’re here for the duration. This means we will take the strain and make your life as easy as possible.

Bantham Technologies Digital Data Capture

3. We're UK based.

Being available when you need it is vital and being able to speak to a real person is essential. As a UK based company we are always here for you and ready to support you when you need it the most. 

Bantham Technologies Go Paperless

4. We strive for sustainability.

At Bantham we are passionate about the environment and work hard supporting our customers with their sustainability. That’s why we provide every Bantham customer with a FREE monthly sustainability report based on your platform usage. 

Bantham Technologies, Go Paperless

Success stories

Bantham's Awards


Awards are an integral part of developing accreditation of our Bantham Technologies digital data capture solution. Thus gaining recognition for our work, cements our dedication to supporting companies making the transition to digital data capture. And most importantly it celebrates our sustainability collaboration with our clients on our journey together to reach Net Zero. 

Sustainability Award Bantham Technologies

Environmental Sustainability Project of the Year 2023

Sustainability Award Bantham Technologies

Most Innovative Digital Sustainability Solutions Provider 2023

Sustainability Award 2023

Best Healthcare Digital Capture & Information Sharing Solution 2021

Digital Data

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Case studies

Discover how businesses across the globe use Bantham Technologies to streamline their data collection,
modernise their businesses, empower their workforce and become more sustainable.

Crucial collection of data

Capturing data digitally allowed Sunfish to scale their business to meet the demand of their new clients and contracts, something that could not have been achieved by continuing with paper.

Improved business performance

Flogas improves business performance and quality of service for their customers with the implementation of an e-form solution that had very little, if any change to the current work practice of their field-based staff. 

The cooler alernative

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have been a key client of Bantham Technologies for over eight years, prior to moving to the Bantham tablet solution they replaced their paper based operation with a trial PDA system only to get their fingers burned.

Critical data instantly sent

Working with Bantham, Cleankill have equipped their field engineers with a tool to accurately collect business critical data, remove the need to hand deliver to Head Office and saved a substantial amount of administration hours and cost.