Bantham Technologies awarded Best Healthcare Digital Capture & Information Sharing Solution – UK 2021

Bantham Technologies offers intelligent digital data capture solutions, delivering unprecedented efficiency for all types of business, whilst positively impacting the environment through reducing travel costs and paper use.

The digital transformation services and solutions of Bantham Technologies are designed to help migrate businesses from being paperbased to paper-less, in order to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and improve profitability. “Bantham’s core expertise is problem solving through technology,” explains Edward Belgeonne, Founder and CEO. “Our approach is always underpinned by a genuine desire to make a deliverable difference to our customers and their operations.”

With a vision to reduce environmental impact of economic activity and a mission to become a leading solution provider for those organisations wishing to leverage technology to increase their operational efficiencies, reduce their underlying costs and minimise their environmental impact.

“We are highly customer focused, believing firmly that happy customers make for a great business in the long term. We are easy to deal with. Our client’s challenges are also ours. We don’t hide in the small print and we seek long term relationships above all.”

It is this dedication to building strong client relationships which firmly differentiates Bantham from its competitors.

“Although we are experts in technology, our culture is one dedicated to customer service and collaborative problem solving. If you choose to become a client, you will be dealing with a solution provider dedicated to putting you first.

“We are not a large business trying to sell a one size fits all solution. We are agile and responsive and take time to understand your processes and your unique circumstances.”

As a business, Bantham is passionate about the environment however it also appreciates that good intentions are significantly more difficult to follow through without commercial logic underpinning such initiatives. Fortunately, its unique solutions not only benefit the environment but also make sound financial sense, with customers typically achieving immediate ROI in excess of 1,000%.

One such recent success story involves an NHS Trust which increased its outpatient capacity by several thousand patient visits a year, improved its operational processes and data integrity, while dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT), one of the leading hospitals in the UK, implemented an upgraded data capture solution which seamlessly integrates with its patient record system, automatically pre-populating patient information into Live e-Form documents, thus enabling their district nurses to spend less time on admin duties, leaving more time caring for their patients.

To allow for seamless integration, RWT sought to have their electronic data capture provide greater flexibility when integrating with its current management systems.

Bantham Technologies delivers a fully cloud-based SaaS platform that is also HSDN (Homeland Secure Data Network) and HL7 (Health Level 7) compliant, hosted in an accredited, secure environment connected to the HSCN (Health and Social Care Network).

“ Our secure data capture solution enables RWT to create unlimited e-Forms and documents for use across all mobile digital devices including tablets, smartphones, and digital pens. The solution was upgraded to support digital data capture on any Windows device, including tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs for broader use throughout the Trust’s mobile and in-hospital teams.”

Working with Bantham Technologies, RWT has introduced a new Patient Information Database (PID), which reduces the time spent re-keying data into multiple e-Forms during patient visits, freeing up more time to spend on patient care.

It is estimated that the time saved through PID projects alone translates into an additional operational capacity for the Trust of some 1,500 outpatient visits per month.

In addition to creating efficiencyfor patients, the platform also saved RWT over a million pagesof A4 paper, which conserved ten million litres of water, enough to meet the annual recommended drinking water requirement for some 8,500 people. Furthermore, the platform significantly reduced the daily travel requirements of several hundred district nurses, reducing their overall travel by an estimated 2.4 million miles in 2019, the equivalent of 972 metric tons of CO2.

With such a strong track record for success, it’s no surprise that Bantham was recently awarded. Best Healthcare Digital Capture & Information Sharing Solutions – UK in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021.

Read the GHP 2021 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards brochure here: (Our article is page 33)

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