Case Study: DIGITAL FORMS For Pest Control Industry

Digital forms delivering critical data.

Moving to digital forms; Cleankill has been solving Pest problems for commercial and domestic customers since 1995, winning many awards including ‘Best Green Business 2017’, ‘Best Employer and Most Responsible Business 2018’ and ‘British Pest Control Association Company of the year’ in 2019. Collecting data from the field is integral to their business.

Digital Forms


Faced with filling out carbonated documents in the field, returning to the office and keying the data in,
Cleankill needed a solution. The Digital Form.

The Paper Form Challenge 

The paper laden Pest Control industry requires the client to receive copies of health, hygiene, due diligence and legal documents. Historically carbonated documents would be filled out, one copy handed to the client and the other returned to Head Office.

Carbon copies could be lost, the imprint could fade and handwriting difficult to decipher, all slowing Cleankill’s business processes. With many daily visits and an expanding team, Cleankill and Bantham set to resolve these issues.

The Digital Form Solution

Initially utilising the Bantham Digital Pen solution the engineers were able to collect critical data and deliver to Head Office in an instant. A few years later Bantham developed the digital form mobile and tablet data capture app’s and with Cleankill’s keen eye on the environment and clients now happy to accept digital copies, it was decided to switch to a fully paperless tablet process. Working together, Cleankill were up and running within two weeks and have not looked back.

The Digital Form Outcome

Working with Bantham Technologies, Cleankill have equipped their field engineers with a tool to accurately collect business critical data. This has removed the need to hand deliver paper forms to Head Office and saved a substantial amount of administration hours and cost. Now also using a range of self-designed internal forms, many facets of the Cleankill team are benefiting, including their field engineers and technicians to the Service Team Leaders, Sales Team and the entire Management Team.

Bantham has given a tangible cost benefit to the business, gaining time and improving customer service. With the added bonus of saving over 165,000 pages of A4 paper, more than 1.8m litres of water and 62 tonnes of co2 each year.

Digital Forms

If you would like more information on our paperless data capture, please contact us here and we can talk you through our digital form solutions.