Case Study: Data Capture For Petroleum Industry

Improved data processing performance.

Flogas improves business data processing performance and quality of service for their customer.

Data Processing


Flogas Britain Limited are a leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) supplier with more than 35 years’ experience providing reliable, affordable energy solutions to residential and business customers across the UK. Customers are the heart of their business and they always strive to provide the very highest standards of service, quality and excellence. 

Flogas have been a customer of Bantham Technologies for many years. During this time, they have significantly reduced their administration time by transitioning to a digital form solution from Bantham for their Job Maintenance Records and Timesheet management. This has allowed Flogas to effectively manage their payroll and reduce time for invoicing, whilst at the same time improving the quality of service to their customers. 

The Data Processing Challenge 

Turnaround time for payroll and invoicing had been difficult to process with manual systems and collating all the information required to process payroll in a timely manner. It was also important to ensure the company was managing cashflow and the accuracy of drivers’ hours. Their payroll processing system was very paper heavy and involved lots of scanning and keying-in of critical data. Flogas needed a better and more efficient and automated workflow solution to keep pace with their growing business. 

The Data Processing Solution

In consultation with the team at Flogas, Bantham helped them to decide that they should implement a digital form solution that had very little, if any change to the current work practice of their field-based staff. It was also an important part of their compliant delivery process that a paper copy of was left with the customer. Bantham Technologies introduced a NeoLAB Bluetooth enabled digital pen solution that worked with their field-based staffs’ existing mobile devices. This allowed for all of their paper-based solutions to be streamlined and received automatically into their back-office systems in real-time from the field avoiding time delays waiting to receive paperwork into their admin teams for scanning and manual data entry. 

The Outcome

This has proven to be very successful in achieving their aims to automate and speed up their payroll processes in real-time and not burden their teams with new technology or revised work practice. In addition, they now have an electronic audit trail available when required by the relevant departments. All completed forms can be stored electronically which reduces the amount of paper used, scanning time and storage space with no postage costs and delays. 

In addition to the significant savings in time and money, the contribution that Flogas now makes to the environment given they process around 60,000 digital forms every year, means they can reduce the use A4 pages of paper by around 150,000 pages, conserved 1.5m litres of water and 132 metric tons of carbon. 

Paperless Data Processing

If you would like more information on our paperless data capture, please contact us here and we can talk you through our digital form and digital pen solutions.