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Maximise Efficiency with the Digital Form and Digital Pen.

Revolutionary Digital Services: Unleash the Power of Digital Forms & Digital Pens

Bantham Technologies offers cutting-edge Digital Services that have been proven to be transformative.

By using our Digital Forms and Digital Pen technology, you can revolutionise the way your business operates. Imagine effortlessly capturing data with a simple swipe of your fingertips on a sleek tablet, or even scribbling important notes with our innovative Digital Pen on good old-fashioned paper. The possibilities are endless!

Going digital doesn’t just improve your efficiency; it also makes your business faster, more convenient and sustainable. Be a trendsetter in your industry and experience the power of Bantham Technologies’ Digital Services. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust. It’s time to unlock your business’s true potential and embark on an exciting digital journey by going digital with Bantham Technologies today.

Digital Form Paperless

Effortlessly complete, save, and send business forms electronically with Bantham Technologies’ user-friendly Digital Services. Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with our seamless digital form platform. Integration with back-office systems ensures a smooth and efficient operation. Don’t miss out—book a demo today and unlock the remarkable power of our Digital Forms.

Turn paper forms digital

Eliminates postage, transport and storage costs of completed forms.

Reduces or eliminates the need for paper - saving trees.

Mobile staff have more time to focus on their core tasks.

Technical Support 24/7 with a real people.

Digital Pen Paper Light

The NeoLab Digital Smartpen and paper system is incredibly user-friendly. By utilising your own digitised paper, forms and data can be effortlessly transmitted through the pairing of the NeoLab Digital Smartpen with your mobile device. This innovative technology streamlines the process of transferring information, making it a valuable tool for professionals.

Digital Data Capture

Records handwriting with the option to converts to text.

Forms can be printed on standard A4 plain paper.

Paper form available for clients and digital copy sent to where you need it.

Pen requires a bluetooth link to a smart phone or tablet to send forms.

How it works

Bantham Technologies provides a cutting-edge, versatile, and seamlessly integrated solution that enables you to swiftly and effortlessly generate digital forms for data collection. Our digital services empowers you to effortlessly publish forms for mobile, tablet, PC, and digital pen in just four simple steps.

With our solution, you can easily Create, Publish, Capture, and Control your digital forms. This streamlined process ensures that you can quickly and efficiently collect the data you need, without any unnecessary hassle or complications. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming data collection processes, and hello to Bantham Technologies’ innovative solution.

Digital Forms

Transform your paper into data with our powerful features...

Our digital forms offer a range of powerful features that can help you streamline your workflow and improve your audit trails. With mandatory fields, drop-down menus, check boxes, and text fields, you can create forms that are easy to fill out and ensure that all necessary information is captured.

But that’s not all. Our forms also allow you to pre-populate them with client data, giving your staff a head start and saving them time. And with the ability to capture images, signatures, GPS, and timestamps, you can be sure that your audit trails are accurate and complete.

Whether you’re looking to improve your workflow, reduce errors, or simply make your forms more user-friendly, our digital forms have everything you need to turn your paper into data. So why wait? Try them out today and see the difference for yourself!

Work Offline

Capture data and complete forms even in areas without internet access.

Media Capture

Record evidence of work carried out by capturing and uploading images directly to your forms.

Signature Capture

Collect signatures to authorise and approve work carried out.

Auto Calculations

Embed calculations into a form to calculate time spent on a given job, or cost totals on estimates.


Need to stop working on a form, no problem, park your form and return to it at a later date.


Push existing business data directly to your forms to speed up form completion.

Unlocking Productivity with Management Tools...

Maximise the benefits of our management tools by assigning permissions for forms, utilising our client emailing feature to send copies of your forms directly to your clients or designated recipients, and scheduling reports to pull data for audits, reporting, or invoicing. Rest assured that all your data is secure with our advanced data encryption technology.

User Management

Rapidly set up accounts for your Bantham users. Assign permissions to individuals users based on their job role.

Device Management

Easily create and maintain records of the devices your users need to capture and communicate mobile form data.

Form View

Locate and select individual data transactions to view or review the mobile form data. Configure your workflow preferences to optionally attach a PDF copy of the mobile form and data files in XML or CSV format.


Configure the workflow for viewing or reviewing form data transactions. Nominate the recipient and choose from email, FTP or a web program to communicate the data.

Report Dashboard

Design and schedule regular reporting on user activity.


Encrypt your data and enable remote data wipes if devices are lost or stolen. For the Healthcare sector all NHS applications are sent via the IGSOC/N3 connection directly and securely into the NHS network.

Try it for FREE

To find out just how easy it is to go digital with Bantham Technologies, try it now for FREE and we’ll also build your first form for you!

Digital Form & Digital Pen Case studies

Learn how companies worldwide leverage Bantham Technologies
to streamline their data collection, modernise their operations, and empower their workforce.

Crucial collection of data

Capturing data digitally allowed Sunfish to scale their business to meet the demand of their new clients and contracts, something that could not have been achieved by continuing with paper.

Improved business performance

Flogas improves business performance and quality of service for their customers with the implementation of an e-form solution that had very little, if any change to the current work practice of their field-based staff. 

The cooler alernative

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have been a key client of Bantham Technologies for over eight years, prior to moving to the Bantham tablet solution they replaced their paper based operation with a trial PDA system only to get their fingers burned.

Critical data instantly sent

Working with Bantham, Cleankill have equipped their field engineers with a tool to accurately collect business critical data, remove the need to hand deliver to Head Office and saved a substantial amount of administration hours and cost.

No industry left behind: our commitment to supporting all sectors

Bantham is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes, spanning across a diverse range of industries. Our cutting-edge digital services are specifically designed to cater to businesses that require remote data capture from their staff.

Take a look at some of the forms that our clients use to capture their data, including service reports, risk assessments, consignment notes, inspection certificates, timesheets, vehicle inspections, job sheets, maintenance reports, quotations, and expenses forms.

Our platform is designed to streamline your business operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business. With Bantham, you can rest assured that your data is secure, and your business is in good hands.


Fire & Security

Facility Services



Property Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build a digital form myself?

Yes, we have a clever and very simple drag and drop interface. We’ve made form creation really easy – if you can use Microsoft Office, you’ll have no problem creating, styling and publishing your own forms. 

Can you create our digital forms for us?

Absolutely. We know that time is precious and sometimes you may just need to be up and running super quick. Our UK based team are on hand to design and publish your forms, so you can focus on your business as normal. Email us your form you wish to make digital to 

Can I capture photos with a digital form?

Yes you can capture photos with your digital form. This facility is fantastic if you need to take photos as part of a survey, inspection or proof of work. Each photo is embedded in the form so when delivered the end user can see all your photos. 

Can you sign forms with an electronic signature?

Yes, electronic signatures are an important aspect of our digital forms. If you require your field agent to sign their digital form, they can do so. You can also extend this to client signatures too. Once signed, this will be embedded within the form so the end user can see the form has been signed with a date stamp. 

Can a digital form automatically work out calculations?

Yes, our digital forms can do automatic calculations. This is a very helpful feature of our digital form. Your digital form can embed calculations into the form to calculate things like, time spent on a given job, or cost totals on estimates.

My business processes a lot of forms, how will that affect pricing?

We do not charge based on data volume. Our offering is priced on an ‘all you can eat’ basis, so the more you use, the more you save.

Visit the Bantham FAQs page for more information or call us on +44 (0)20 7698 4447