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Welcome to our FAQs page. Here at Bantham Technologies we have spent the past decade helping clients get their data from anywhere to anywhere in an instant. Our digital data capture solutions enable remote workers, namely those out in the field or working from home, to complete paperwork and share that information using any device (tablet, smartphone, laptop). They can even continue to use pen and paper if that is easier; using our digital pen, handwriting is converted to text and fed directly into your systems via our secure on-line cloud platform.

Below are our top Frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question or wish to discuss our digital solution further, please do email us on info@banthamtechnologies.com.

A digital form is an electronic form that can help you to improve productivity. Digital forms can be filled out on tablets, and mobile phones from anywhere.

Yes you can and we would love to show you the exciting world of going paperless. To book your demo click here.

Digital forms have several benefits for your business such as reducing cost and time. They are also kinder to the planet as the reduction in paper and travel improves your carbon footprint. 

Turning a single tree into 17 reams of paper results in around 49.9kg of C02 being released into the atmosphere. So by turning your paper forms digital you will automatically reduce your Co2. In addition, by not having to drive your paper forms back to your HQ you will also save on further Co2 emissions from travel. Focus on a sustainable future in your business and switch to a process gentler to our planet. The amount of paper produced each year is vast so going paperless is a must. Click here to see a live tracker of paper produced. 

See how much you could save by using our Environomics calculator

The list is endless, if you need to capture data then our digital forms can help. We produce hundreds and thousands of different forms. Below is a list of the most popular: 

  1. Service Reports
  2. Risk Assessments
  3. Environmental Assessments
  4. Consignment Notes
  5. Inspection Certificates
  6. Time-sheets
  7. Vehicle Inspections
  8. Job Sheets
  9. Maintenance Reports
  10. Quotations
  11. Expense Form 
  12. Survey Reports

Yes, we love a bespoke form. We can design any form you require. All we ask is that you provide us with the copy, how you wish the data to be recorded ie tick boxes, drop down menus etc and we will do the rest. 

Digital forms can be used in any industry, if you need to capture data, then our digital forms will work for you. We currently support clients in the following industries: 

  1. Environmental Services
  2. Fire & Security 
  3. Facility Services
  4. Construction 
  5. Healthcare
  6. HVAC
  7. Hospitality 
  8. Transport 
  9. Property Management 
  10. Energy 

Our digital forms are time stamped and geostamped so you will know where and when your activities were actioned, giving you a real-time insight into your operations and helping you to plan ahead.

It will speed up communication. Digital forms are fantastic at keeping your staff out in the field connected to your admin teams. As soon as your staff complete their digital form out on site or with a customer, they simple click complete and the information is sent electronically to your admin team or where ever you need it. No more waiting for information to be hand delivered at the end of the day. This speeds up quotations, invoices, stock control and allows your admin teams to keep on top of all inspections, reports and assessments. 

We can have you up and running within a few days, depending on file format required and system requirements. 

Unique to Bantham is our integrated digital pen technology which allows users to use a real pen, writing on real paper. Handwriting is converted to text using the latest intelligent recognition software and uploaded in the normal way via our secure server, exactly as if it was entered on a tablet, smartphone or PC. There is a full review tool so that converted text can be checked against the original handwriting.

That is fantastic news and we cannot wait to help you transition to digital forms and/or digital pens. Your first step is to book a demo so we can talk your through the process. This is great for you to see the vast capabilities of the platform and also allow us to ensure we can tailor the forms to your exact requirements. Start your paperless journey today by booking your demo here.

Once your demo is completed and you have discussed quantity of licenses and forms, we will request one form from you for a proof of concept, ie you get to test the digital form in your business for a set period of time to ensure we meet your requirements. On completion of proof of concept, all your digital forms can be rolled out to your wider team. 

To install Bantham Technologies app on your phone or tablet go to Google Play, Windows or the Apple App Store (Search “Bantham Technologies” to find it!).

You will need a separate license for each user, including any admin staff. Each user will have their own license and will be able to send and receive unlimited forms. 

Yes, you can create different user accounts with different permissions. This way different forms can be made available to key members of staff. You can also set permissions so only management can make form amendments.  We can work with you to tailor the solution to your exact requirements. 

Yes, we have a clever and very simple drag and drop interface. We’ve made form creation really easy – if you can use Microsoft Office, you’ll have no problem creating, styling and publishing your own forms. 

Absolutely. We know that time is precious and sometimes you may just need to be up and running super quick. Our UK based team are on hand to design and publish your forms, so you can focus on your business as normal. 

We have a library of standard forms ready for branding and they can be used instantly. The list is very extensive from service reports, assessments, consignment notes, inspection forms / certificates, time-sheets, quotations and expense forms. Do get in touch if you have a specific form you would like to use. Email info@banthamtechnologies.com or call +44 (0)20 7698 4447

Yes, every form can be branded with your company logo’s, details and include any additional information such as T&Cs, certificates, and trademarks. 

Yes. The platform allows uploading of pictures and IDs, so that you always have the flexibility to add additional information.

Yes. Forms can easily be changed through our client portal. We can either help effect that change or provide the requisite training to make you a Bantham digital form guru!

Yes. We can capture and export your data in almost any format. Typically, we export data in csv, or xml formats, however you are by no means limited to those alone.

When you complete your digital form your digital data is sent to where ever you need it via Email, web services and/or  secure FTP as a PDF, PNG, CSV, XML and/or SOAP. 

Your data can be integrated to be received directly into your operations system or be received via email. If you have a specific requirement please email us to discuss further info@banthamtechnologies.com

Yes, you can access your digital forms anywhere and anytime even without WiFi. As soon as your device connects with WiFi your forms will be sent. 

You can use all devices with our app. Our digital forms are compatible with all PCs, Tablets and Smartphones using IOS, Android and Windows 10.

We also offer a Digital Pen solution using our NeoLab Digital Smartpen for when you still require a paper solution. 

Yes you can capture photos with your digital form. This facility is fantastic if you need to take photos as part of a survey, inspection or proof of work. Each photo is embedded in the form so when delivered the end user can see all your photos. 

Yes, electronic signatures are an important aspect of our digital forms. If you require your field agent to sign their digital form, they can do so. You can also extend this to client signatures too. Once signed, this will be embedded within the form so the end user can see the form has been signed with a date stamp. 

Yes, site drawings and/or diagrams can be recorded on our digital forms. We have the facility of a drawing grid, so you can sketch out rough site plans, diagrams etc live on site. This is super useful when indicating locations of items or where you intend work to commence. This also gives you the ability to draw floor-plans for office / admin staff to understand the location of items on site or for when return visits are required by colleagues. 

Yes you can pre-populate your digital forms. We can integrate your form to receive pre-populated data by pushing existing business data directly to your forms. This really helps to speed up form completion by your field agents. 

Yes, our digital forms can do automatic calculations. This is a very helpful feature of our digital form. Your digital form can embed calculations into the form to calculate things like, time spent on a given job, or cost totals on estimates.

Yes, the digital form will save for later. We offer a digital form park facility which allows you to save the form and return to it later. Once the form is then completed you can complete to send the data to where it is needed. 

Our digital forms can have some or all of their fields marked as mandatory. Partially completed forms simply cannot be uploaded. Our platform incorporates a review stage, which asks users to verify their data prior to upload.

All data is fully encrypted; you can even have a tamperproof seal to give you further assurance. We transport patient data for the NHS and are fully compliant with HSCN and GDPR more generally.

We offer different packages to suit your needs. 

  1. Full account 30 day rolling contract – £20 + VAT per licence per month

  2. Full account 12 month contract – £15 + VAT per licence per month

For more information please visit our pricing page. 

We do not charge based on data volume. Our offering is priced on an ‘all you can eat’ basis, so the more you use, the more you save.

A survey of our customers in 2019 showed that, on average, each subscriber saved their organisation £2,213 in direct costs alone, over ten times their annual spend. In reality, once indirect costs and opportunity costs are accounted for, the saving is much greater.

We offer 2 different contracts to suit your need. 

If you have our rolling 30 day contract, we only require 30 days notice at any time.

If you have our annual contract, you would need to give us 30 days notice one month prior to the end of the contract. 

Yes, as a UK based company we are on hand to help you every step of the way. We offer training and 24/7 support. Our Digital Form gurus are always on hand to help every step of the way. 

You can call +44 (0)20 7698 4447 or email support@banthamtechnologies.com and one of our Digital Form Gurus will be on hand to assist you. 

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