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Crave more time for patient care? Empower yourself with streamlined care using digital forms!

With our solution, you can eliminate healthcare paperwork and administrative tasks, giving you the freedom to dedicate more time to what truly matters – providing quality care to those who need it most. 

Are you ready to empower yourself with Digital Forms for streamlined healthcare?

Are you a healthcare professional or community nurse striving to provide the highest level of care while minimising administrative burdens? With our comprehensive range of digital forms, you can revolutionise your workflow, save time, and deliver exceptional healthcare. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and hello to efficient, patient-centered care.

Save Time

Simplify your documentation process and reclaim valuable time

Accessible Data

Capture patient data digitally for accurate and accessible records

Team Collaboration

Access information on the go and collaborate seamlessly with your team

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As a healthcare professional or community nurse, you deserve a tailored solution. Experience the power of our digital forms first-hand with our FREE demo. Witness how our comprehensive range, including the forms mentioned below, can transform your practice, saving you time and enabling you to provide exceptional patient-centered care.

Digital Forms for Healthcare

Eliminate redundant paperwork and effortlessly access patient information on the go. Our expertise in digital transformation for community healthcare enhances your efficiency and empowers you to deliver personalised care that truly makes a difference. The following are examples of forms that can go digital:

  1. Patient Manual Handling Form: Streamline recording of patient handling and ensure safety protocols are followed.
  2. Pain Assessment Form: Digitise pain assessment procedures for more accurate and consistent pain management.
  3. Initial Clinic Assessment Form: Capture essential patient information during initial clinic visits for comprehensive care planning.
  4. Community Therapy Assessment Form: Efficiently assess patients’ therapy needs in community settings for tailored interventions.
  5. Community Patient Risk Assessment Form: Identify and manage potential risks to patients’ health and well-being in community care.
  6. Catheter Change Record: Streamline and track catheter change procedures for improved patient safety and infection control.
  7. Leg Ulcer Core Care Plan: Digitally document leg ulcer care plans, ensuring standardised and effective treatment strategies.
Healthcare Digital Form

About Us.

Bantham Technologies’ is a pioneer of commercial digital forms and its origin dates back to 2002. We specialise in digital data capture, information sharing and sustainability. We are dedicated to improving operational efficiencies for our customers and strive to remove, or at least significantly reduce, the often clunky and time-consuming paper-based processes. This is achieved through digitisation, where we ensure that the right information gets to the right place faster than before. Furthermore, the benefits to our customers are, improved data integrity, lower carbon emissions and lower operational costs.


Our Mission.

We strive for sustainability – At Bantham we are passionate about the environment and work hard supporting our customers with their sustainability. That’s why we provide every Bantham customer with a FREE monthly sustainability report based on your platform usage. 

Healthcare Sustainability Report

Digital Form Benefits...

Work Offline

Capture data and complete paperless forms even in areas without internet access.

Media Capture

Record evidence of wounds etc by uploading images directly to your digital forms.

Signature Capture

Collect digital signatures to authorise and approve conscent.

Auto Calculations

Embed calculations into a paperless form to calculate time worked for timesheets.


Push existing patient data directly to your forms to speed up form completion.

Amazing Results.

"I am absolutely delighted with the results of our collaboration with Bantham. Their team have worked tirelessly to understand our requirements and to implement data capture solutions that make a real difference to our staff and patients. Working in partnership with Bantham and our team here, we hope to maintain our status on the digital maturity index and deliver a greener NHS."
Simon Parton | Head of ICT Systems & Applications Services and Divisional Lead for Sustainability at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

Bantham News.

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Streamline documentation & elevate Patient Care

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