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Digital Forms.

In February 2013, Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning trailed our digital forms with seven engineers from the same office in Peterborough. The feedback was fantastic! “They all loved it,” said Paul Brant. “There were no issues, and no problems. It was a blessed relief. We couldn’t wait to roll the system out to all our 84 service and maintenance engineers.”

Adcock's digital forms consisted of a combined risk assessment and service sheet for reactive service, the same combination for planned preventative maintenance, a waste transfer sheet for refrigerant disposal, a time sheet, and a hot works advisory sheet that’s used when engineers are braising copper pipe.

Adcock are now saving vast amounts of time and money with our digital forms for tablet. Admin is reduced, both in the office and for engineers on site. Invoicing is done daily – with big benefits for cash flow – rather than weekly or even monthly. Customers receive a smart tablet-based service sheet and can receive a copy quickly by e-mail. The workflow has even been designed to drop each form into specific SharePoint document libraries.


Advisory Sheets

Record all the information you need quickly and even email a PDF copy to the customer right away.

Adcock digital form

Onsite Inspections

The perfect solution for creating effective audit trails is using custom inspection forms to capture the data you need quickly and easily.

HVAC digital form

Compliance Reporting

All of your compliance paperwork, including Safety Data Sheets, Consignment Notes, and Service reports, can be completed on site, sent instantly and saved digitally.

Digital Timesheet

Digital Timesheets

When you use digital timesheets, you are able to track all staff hours automatically, and with real-time GPS and timestamps, you will know when each job is completed.

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About Us.

Bantham Technologies’ is a pioneer of commercial digital forms and its origin dates back to 2002. We specialise in digital data capture, information sharing and sustainability. We are dedicated to improving operational efficiencies for our customers and strive to remove, or at least significantly reduce, the often clunky and time-consuming paper-based processes. This is achieved through digitisation, where we ensure that the right information gets to the right place faster than before. Furthermore, the benefits to our customers are, improved data integrity, lower carbon emissions and lower operational costs.


Our Mission.

We strive for sustainability – At Bantham we are passionate about the environment and work hard supporting our customers with their sustainability. That’s why we provide every Bantham customer with a FREE monthly sustainability report based on your platform usage. 

We’re UK based – Being available when you need it is vital and being able to speak to a real person is essential. As a UK based company we are always here for you and ready to support you when you need it the most. 

Environmental report 2022

Digital Form Benefits...

Work Offline

Capture data and complete paperless forms even in areas without internet access.

Media Capture

Record evidence of work carried out by capturing and uploading images directly to your digital forms.

Signature Capture

Collect digital signatures to authorise and approve work carried out.

Auto Calculations

Embed calculations into a paperless form to calculate time spent on a given job, or cost totals on estimates.


Push existing business data directly to your forms to speed up form completion.

Amazing Results.

"Everyone knows that chasing engineers for paperwork can be a nightmare, but the Bantham system removed the problem completely. It’s streamlined and transformed everything. All they have to do is fill out their tablet, press send and it’s gone. They don’t have to think twice. Eight years later Bantham is an integral part of our operation."
Go Digital
Paul Brant | Adcock Refrigeration
“The Bantham solution has both streamlined and revolutionised our way of working. Our engineers use their mobile phone forms to deliver installation and cost details back to a customer specific folder for the admin team to process and invoice.”
Digital Data Capture
James Mullen | Aerial Direct​

Bantham News.

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Going Digital Made Easy

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