Paper-less the perfect solution

Bantham Remote is a professional mobile app and web platform that allows you to complete forms and collect data anywhere, anytime.
Quickly retrieve accurate data, flag critical issues, reduce data entry errors, validate answers, add conditional logic, and more.

Simply upload your existing form or use one of our Starter Forms.

Try it now for FREE! We’ll even build your first form.

Turn paper forms digital

3 easy steps to go paper-less...


Create your forms in our Form Builder

The Bantham Form builder is a powerful mobile forms creation tool that allows you to setup and deploy your own forms in minutes.

Turn paper forms digital


Complete your forms using our Mobile App

Your forms can be dispatched or assigned to any number of users who can then complete those forms using the Bantham Mobile Forms app on their own smart phones, tablets or through a Web Form browser.

Turn paper forms digital


Distribute your reports and data

Once your forms are submitted, automatically generate reports and/or route your data to a system of your choice.

Turn paper forms digital