Easily control your mobile data capture from one place

Build and configure your business’s forms. Capture data with either a phone, tablet or digital pen. Monitor and control forms, users, devices and data.

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Turn paper forms digital

Create, Capture, Control.

Better for your budget, Better for your workforce, Better for your business.


Simple drag & drop interface

We’ve made form creation really easy – if you can use Microsoft Office, you’ll have no problem creating, styling and publishing new forms.

Choose from graphical or converted data elements when designing your forms – or combine both on the same form.

When you’ve created your form, you can print and test it using the NeoLab Digital Smartpen.

How it works


Choose some basic preferences such as size and data upload device. Add all the required field and graphical elements needed for completion.


Configure the workflow for viewing or reviewing form data transactions. Nominate the recipient and choose from email, FTP or a web program to communicate the data.


Validate your mobile forms to ensure correct element spacing, and workflow requirements.


Publish for testing then print capture-ready copies directly from your desktop printer or tablet to test the application. Test and evaluate.


Publish the forms and go live to start gathering data.


Digital pen & paper

The NeoLab Digital Smartpen and paper is equally seamless. Using your self generated digitised paper, forms and data are instantly sent via pairing the NeoLab Digital Smartpen with your mobile device.

The Bantham App provides a really easy platform for users to complete, save and send business forms – linking seamlessly with your back-office systems.

Bantham is a unique single solution that enables you to publish your business forms for use with the NeoLab Digital Smartpen.

Features at a glance

Work Offline

No signal, no problem. Capture data and complete forms even in areas without internet access.

Media Capture

Record evidence of work carried out by capturing and uploading images directly to your forms.

Signature Collection

Collect signatures to authorise and approve work carried out.


Push existing business data directly to your forms to speed up form completion.


Need to stop working on a form, no problem, park your form and return to it at a later date.

Auto Calculations

Embed calculations into a form to calculate time spent on a given job, or cost totals on estimates.


Web based platform for total control

Build bespoke dashboards for regular reporting.

Configure workflow preferences to optionally attach a PDF of e-forms and Receive / View / Manage XML or CSV data files.

Rapidly create User accounts with individual access permissions based on job roles and create/maintain specific Groups based on user needs.

Enable administrators to manage every aspect of data capture including User, Form and Device Management.

Turn paper forms digital

Management Tools

User Management

Rapidly set up accounts for your Bantham users. Assign permissions to individuals users based on their job role.

Device Management

Easily create and maintain records of the devices your users need to capture and communicate mobile form data.

Form View

Locate and select individual data transactions to view or review the mobile form data. Configure your workflow preferences to optionally attach a PDF copy of the mobile form and data files in XML or CSV format.

Report Dashboard

Design and schedule regular reporting on user activity.


Encrypt your data and enable remote data wipes if devices are lost or stolen. For the Healthcare sector all NHS applications are sent via the IGSOC/N3 connection directly and securely into the NHS network.