Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Bring people together like never before

Virtual Workspaces enable your team to work together in real time on any device. Sharing ideas and project planning in a secure, live and almost infinite environment. 
Great for your Business. Great for the Environment.

Save Time, Save Money, Save the Planet.

Hoylu Provides
'In-the-Same-Room' Experience

Connecting all of your team in one real time virtual workspace allows business to continue to engage while the working landscape changes around us, giving the same experience as being in the same room.

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Excellent Return on Investment.

“We have seen a time saving of 25 minutes since we have been using Hoylu for our weekly meetings and this represents an ROI of 10 times the monthly cost of Hoylu”

Bring your teamwork to life.

Hoylu allows you and your team to work efficiently, sharing ideas in real-time, allowing easy and secure access to information for all, from any device at any time.

Ensure quicker, more productive decision-making of project schedules, design reviews and data-set analysis, shared remotely with your team and also fully integrated with HoyluWall for group collaboration environments.

Agile & Scrum

Agile & Scrum project planning Real time connections to internal tracking tools allow teams to share information and work from any location.

Support & Troubleshooting

Plan, visualize and troubleshoot issues across sites. Blueprints and manuals are shared, edited and reviewed together for faster resolution.

Education & Learning

Student lessons, projects and breakout sessions use the space to assemble and fulfill classroom assignments.

Team Brainstorming

Brainstorming and planning exercises are digitized and shared, for input from anywhere, at any location.

HOYLU users.

Helping Teams to Work Smarter and Faster. Saving Time, Money and the Planet.

The Connected WorkSpaces™

> Near infinite WorkSpace canvas
> Collaborate interactively from any location

Secure, constant workspaces

> Sessions opened exactly where left off
> Information distributed instantly

User Experience

> Team focussed experience on any touchscreen device
> Intuitive design increases engagement and minimises training
Any Device


> Up to 12m touchscreen working canvas
> Seamlessly connected

The World’s Largest Seamless Touch & Writing Surface.

Virtual workspaces on the wall

• 4-12 metre wide HoyluWall.

• Easy to use Touchscreen Experience.

• Intuitive yet powerful Digital Navigator User Interface (UI).

• HoyluWalls can connect to any touchscreen device or HoyluWall around the world.

Moving to a Virtual Workspace - Making it Easy.

The transition from face to face meetings and rooms full of sticky notes to virtual workspaces is simple and quick.

The intuitive user experience allows teams to digitise current working practice on any touchscreen device from anywhere in the world, bringing remote teams together in one virtual workspace.

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