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What We Do

At Bantham Technologies we specialise in digital capture and information sharing. In short, our cloud-based platform gets information from anywhere to anywhere, securely and in real-time. Our solutions are tailored for organisations with employees working in the field or for those whose roles mean that they are constantly on the move, such as, engineers and healthcare workers.

We are dedicated to improving operational efficiencies for our customers and strive to remove, or at least significantly reduce, the often clunky and time-consuming paper-based processes that still exist in most organisations today. Through digitisation we ensure that the right information gets to the right place faster than before, with the added benefits of improved data integrity, lower carbon emissions and lower costs.

Digitising your data capture will save time, money and in the process contribute positively to the environment around you.

What Makes Us Different?

Although we are expert in technology, our culture is one dedicated to customer service and collaborative problem solving. If you choose to become a client, you will be dealing with a solution provider dedicated to putting you first.

We are not a large business trying to sell a one size fits all solution. We are agile and responsive and take time to understand your processes and your unique circumstances. We fully appreciate that different businesses have different needs. NHS District Nurses work in a completely environment to Aga service engineers and we tailor our solutions to best fit those individual requirements. When you pick up the phone or message us, you will be contacting an expert, someone who will own the issue until resolution.

We understand that some might view the move from paper-based systems, to a digital platform, as potentially disruptive and therefore remain hesitant to change. At Bantham, we design, implement and manage solutions which create little, if any, disruption to your business. Over the years, we have helped thousands of end users migrate to digital, none of whom have ever gone back to how things were. If paper-based workflows are a necessity to your business, or your staff simply prefer to use pen and paper, we offer a unique bridging solution, where data input is still captured using pen and paper, but where output is automatically digitised and sent to your back-end systems in any format you require.

As a business, we are passionate about the environment. We also appreciate that good intentions are significantly more difficult to follow through on without commercial logic underpinning such initiatives. Fortunately, our solutions not only benefit the environment but also make sound financial sense, with customers typically achieving immediate ROI in excess of 1,000% .

As a client, you will receive a monthly ‘Environomics’ Report, detailing the tangible savings achieved, based on your platform usage, in terms of cash, time, paper, water, fuel and CO2, which can be fed into your wider reporting requirements and KPIs.

We understand that some might view the move from paper-based systems, to a digital platform, as potentially disruptive and therefore remain hesitant to change. At Bantham, we design, implement and manage solutions which create little, if any, disruption to your business.

About Bantham

Bantham Technologies’ was one of the pioneers of commercial digital e-forms, with its origins dating back to 2002. In that time, our clients have transacted millions of e-forms and many of our early clients remain loyal to us to this day.

Founded by Edward Belgeonne, a veteran technology specialist and former Ernst & Young ‘Science & Technology Entrepreneur of The Year’, the business has continued to focus on secure data capture and information sharing and now supplies its managed services to a variety of businesses and organisations including the NHS, Aga, Certsure, Interserve, Mace and BP.

Today, Bantham remains as committed as ever to helping its clients collate and share data and ideas. Our solutions are principally geared to support remote workers or those who do not have ready access to a desk or computer during their working day. Our mission is to ensure that the right information gets to the right place as efficiently and securely as possible and in the process saving time, money and minimising your environmental impact.

Solution Benefits

Our secure cloud-based solutions enable your corporate data to flow from anywhere to anywhere, meaning that the right data arrives at the right place in the shortest possible timeframe, at the lowest possible cost. 

End to end audit trail built into your data capture.
Your data capture is automatically encrypted at source, the input is time-stamped, geo-stamped and comes with a tamperproof seal if required. Actual data capture can be replayed exactly as it originated.
Data capture individually designed for your business needs.
Use our platform to only collect and report on the data which actually moves your business forward. Remove subjectivity and eliminate historic processes which no longer apply. Shorten turnaround times and speed up invoicing. Receive reports tailored to your KPIs and overall business needs.
Strip paperwork from your business processes.
Pre-populate forms, remove data re-entry, eliminate the need for scanning, posting, filing, input errors and the risk lost paperwork. Remove the need by field staff to travel to the office to deliver paperwork. Capture/input data on any device (even pen and paper) from any location.

Public Sector

Bantham has considerable experience of dealing with public sector organisations and regard these as a key market segment for its technology offering.

Within Bantham, we are committed to providing a service, which is not only drives tangible benefits, but is also one which can be trusted and relied upon so that our clients in turn can deliver on their commitments to their stakeholders.

Within Bantham, we have many years of experience dealing with NHS and local authority clients. We understand their unique environment and appreciate the often-critical services that they provide, and we take particular care to tailor our solutions to fit their specific requirements.

To meet the exacting standards required across our public services, Bantham operates to both ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security) accredited standards across its entire operation.

Our cloud-platform is fully HL7 compliant in accordance with Connecting for Health/IGSOC guidelines and also certified by N3/HSD.

To ease procurement, Bantham is now listed on the latest G-Cloud 12 framework under Data Capture Services (Lot 2) and Professional Services (Lot 3).