About Us

Bantham’s core expertise is problem solving through technology. Our approach is always underpinned by a genuine desire to make a deliverable difference to our customers and their operations. We are highly customer focused, believing firmly that happy customers make for a great business in the long term.


To reduce environmental impact of economic activity and to highlight to others that environmental good can go hand in hand with economic benefit.


To become a leading solution provider for those organisations wishing to leverage technology to increase their operational efficiencies, reduce their underlying costs and minimise their environmental impact.


We are easy to deal with. Our client’s challenges are also ours. We don’t hide in the small print and we seek long term relationships above all.

We strive to be honest, transparent, ethical, fair in all that we do.

We embrace and drive change. Our solutions are tailored your business and we believe in action. Getting things done.

We believe in delivering on our promises. We don’t over promise and leave you disappointed down the road.

We respect our clients, colleagues and stakeholders equally

We believe innovation is key to progress, but we also believe that innovation has to be deliverable within existing boundaries.

We see technology as a force for good for your bottom line and for the world around us.

Edward Belgeonne - Bantham Technologies director

Edward Belgeonne


Bantham’s founding director, Edward Belgeonne, has over 30 years commercial experience within mobile and IT solutions to the B2B sector; including mobile communications, telematics and digital data capture. Edward has always been a strong proponent of harnessing technology to deliver greater operational efficiencies and drive down costs. He has enjoyed considerable success in his career to date, having built and successfully exited a number business; he was named Ernst & Young’s ‘Science and Technology Entrepreneur of the Year back in 2007.

Whilst taking a career break in The West Country, Edward’s other passion, namely the environment, started to take hold in earnest. It didn’t take long for him to conclude that the greatest contribution that he could personally make to the natural environment around him was to use his technical expertise to help businesses and other organisations achieve better outcomes in terms of their carbon footprint. Thus Bantham Technologies, named after Edward’s favourite beach in South Devon, came to be.

Bantham Technologies now helps clients focus on their journey towards becoming carbon zero, with a particular focus around digital sustainability, through the efficient use of remote working, data capture and digital transformation technologies.

Edward now lives on the Sussex coast, with his wife, Melissa and their four children.

Chris Sheppard - Bantham Technologies director

Chris Sheppard


Chris began working life as an engineering apprentice and later joined BMW as a Trainee Sales Executive which was a big departure from engineering and a daunting and exciting career leap. During his seventeen years in the Automotive Industry, Chris can look back proudly having worked his way to Accredited Business Manager with BMW, General Sales Manager with Toyota and finally becoming an accredited Sales Manager with Jaguar Land Rover.   
Learning every day and focussing on customer service, honesty and integrity has given him the opportunity to make another career leap to be part of Bantham Technologies. His analytical skills, attention to detail and immense positivity have enabled him to make a smooth transition to the world of IT.

Chris lives in Surrey and is father to three children and walker of two dogs, enjoying a busy work and family life with his amazing wife Hannah, of 14 years.