What our clients say

“Our mission at Panache Fire Services is to provide total protection 24 hours-a-day with customer care our number one priority. To achieve this we need robust systems in place to capture and deliver all of our data quickly and accurately.

The Bantham tablet app helps us to collect data and receive and distribute documents ensuring we remain compliant and efficient.”

Yuvi Shridhar, Managing Director
Panache Fire

“The Bantham digital pen has a huge impact on our customer service, our Job Sheets are received back in the office as soon as they are completed and sent straight to the client. It’s great for our customers, keeping them right up to date and saves us valuable time as there is no chasing around in the office to send out paperwork.”

Chris Blagg, Technical Director
Microwave Oven Service Ltd

“Moving to digital gives us the flexibility to make changes to our forms at a moment’s notice, meaning no large print costs for a small text change. The dynamic forms help us tighten the information delivered back to us, eliminating any errors and ensuring consistent data which hugely improves the quality assurance on our records.”

Barry Leeds, Technical Director
Wire-Free Protection Ltd

“For us, the Bantham tablet app allows our Surveyors to collect precision data and measurements for structures, GPS coordinates and height levels, we also attach photo’s to back up our findings. The speed of delivery of the information is hugely important and we are saving admin time by importing into and updating our CRM.”

JK – Office Manager
Manhole Surveys

“The Bantham tablet app is used for our Inspection and Inventory Reports, we need this information to be collected easily and delivered quickly, it’s a great piece of software saving us a lot of time and effort.”

Austin Berlinger
Real Estates Group Ltd

“We are saving significant time for both our engineers and our administration teams by pre-populating our Drivers Daily Record forms directly from our ERP system. Once the jobs are completed the PDF’s are delivered back and attached to the relevant client files. We receive a daily report for all forms processed which is used for audit and compliance purposes.”

Joe Saville
Sheridan Fabrications Ltd

“Using the Bantham tablet solution allows us to effortlessly record all the information we need for servicing or installation of refrigeration and air conditioning units. Overall it’s a great package, quick and easy to implement, saving us time and removing any paper storage and at the touch of a button we can retrieve any information we need.”

Lorraine Jackson

“Running National contracts requires our field engineers to complete and return Service Reports whilst leaving a hard copy in the on-site folders. The Bantham digital pen delivers our reports electronically allowing our team to verify them instantly, saving us time by not posting or scanning and allowing us to extract any information easily.”

Helen Forster


“Our clients require a hard paper copy of their Field Inspection Reports, the Bantham digital pen solution allows us to leave a copy on site and the digital delivery comes straight to the office to be filed electronically. We have saved hugely on costs of carbon copy paper over the last 10 years and saved many hours by having no paper copies in the office to file and keep. All in all, it’s easy to implement and saves us precious time.”

Grant Harvey
Ace Pest and Hygiene


“The Bantham solution has both streamlined and revolutionised our way of working. Our engineers use their mobile phone forms to deliver installation and cost details back to a customer specific folder for the admin team to process and invoice. We are making significant savings in paper to help the environment and time and money for our business by working smarter. We began working with the Bantham team in 2019 and no other third party partner has made more of an impact to our business.”

James Mullen
Aerial Direct


“We have saved over 1,214 A4 sheets of paper over the last month by using Bantham’s paperless reporting.

This accomplishment has also resulted in a saving of 2.468 tonnes of CO2 and over 12,000 litres of water.”

BPC Energy Ltd

“We are using the Bantham tablet solution for Property service & maintenance field engineers, primarily in order to speed up the whole process of paperwork turnaround.”

Simon Baber
MFM Group

“Everyone knows that chasing engineers for paperwork can be a nightmare, but Bantham’s system has removed the problem completely. It’s streamlined and transformed everything. All they have to do now is fill out the form on their tablet, press send and it’s gone.”

Paul Brant
Adcock Refridgeration

“Checking our plant machinery in and out is a critical part of our operation. Being able to capture photos of the condition when hired out and returned, along with signatures and time and date stamps, gives us a concrete audit trail.”

Chris Gatheridge​, Head of Operations
Explore Plant and Transport Solutions