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Digital Form
30 day free account 
Up to 5 licences
No credit card required

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Digital Form
Rolling 30 day subscription 
1 licence per user
£20 per month + VAT

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Digital Form
Annual subscription
1 licence per user
£180 per year + VAT

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24 Month


Digital Pen
24 Month Contract 
1 licence per user
24 months £600 + VAT

Key Features

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How to get started

Register with us today and let us know which option you would like from our pricing plan. Once selected, we will get you a demo account activated. From here, you will be able to create your digital forms with ease. However, if you want to be up and running quickly, take advantage of our form templates or let us build the form for you. If you can use word you’ll be a whiz at using our form builder. Once your form is built, simply configure the workflow, validate, test and then start collecting the data you need. 


Build your form with our drag and drop builder. Add in all your fields including text, images, checkboxes and drop downs.


Configure the workflow. Nominate the recipient & choose from email, FTP or a web program to communicate the data


Validate your mobile forms to ensure correct element spacing, and workflow requirements.


Publish for testing. Put your new forms to the test and ensure all data is captured & delivered in the format your require.


Publish the forms & go live to start gathering data from your staff working out in the field.

Our Digital Forms

Go paperless and register today. Start using digital forms like these to capture all your data out in the field.
Your digital forms can even look like your paper versions! If you would you like to more information about our products or pricing click here to send an enquiry.


Expenses Form

Capture staff expenses and even add in an image option for copies of receipts. Include drop down menus to allocate to the correct budget.


Digital Quotation

Activate auto calculations to make onsite quotations super quick. You can even have a PDF copy emailed instantly to your customer.


Inspection Form

Custom designed inspection forms. capturing the data you need with ease. Perfect to create an effective audit trail.



Create a digital timesheet to track all staff hours. With the GPS and timestamp activated you will know when each job / task is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to go paperless, what are the next steps?

That is fantastic news and we cannot wait to help you transition to digital forms and/or digital pens. Your first step is to book a demo so we can talk your through the process and our pricing plans. This is great for you to see the vast capabilities of the platform and also allow us to ensure we can tailor the forms to your exact requirements. Start your paperless journey today by booking your demo here.

Can I control who has access to my digital forms?

Yes, you can create different user accounts with different permissions. This way different forms can be made available to key members of staff. You can also set permissions so only management can make form amendments.  We can work with you to tailor the solution to your exact requirements. 

Can you create our digital forms for us?

Absolutely. We know that time is precious and sometimes you may just need to be up and running super quick. Our UK based team are on hand to design and publish your forms, so you can focus on your business as normal. Email us your form you wish to make digital to 

What devices can I use with my digital forms?

Our digital forms are compatible with all PCs, Tablets and Smartphones using IOS, Android and Windows 10.

We also offer a Digital Pen solution using our NeoLab Digital Smartpen for when you still require a paper solution. 

When I send a digital form, how does it work?

When you complete your digital form your data is sent to where ever you need it via Email, web services and/or  secure FTP as a PDF, PNG, CSV, XML and/or SOAP. 

Your data can be integrated to be received directly into your operations system or be received via email. If you have a specific requirement please email us to discuss further

How do you protect our sensitive data?

All data is fully encrypted; you can even have a tamperproof seal to give you further assurance. We transport patient data for the NHS and are fully compliant with HSCN and GDPR more generally.

For more information or specific requirements please email us to discuss on

Visit the Bantham FAQs page for more information or call us on +44 (0)20 7698 4447