Case Study: AGA Rangemaster

Data capture. Improved processes.

Docuflow provides AGA Rangemaster with, the Bantham Technologies paperless data capture tablet solution.


As with any successful businesses, there are always ways in which to improve processes and provide a better service to customers. This is where a Bantham Technologies paperless data capture solution can help. By implementing the tablet solution, AGA Rangemaster have significantly reduced their administration time and improved their invoicing processes. A main attractions for AGA Rangemaster when considering the Bantham paperless solution, was the fact that there are no large upfront costs.

The Data Capture Solution

AGA Rangemaster were able to trial the paperless data capture solution with 1 user license. This ensure the technology was suitable for their business processes before going live with the entire Installation Delivery Team. By following this process, the benefits can be evidenced. AGA Rangemaster were then able to invest further the solution that was suitable to their individual needs.

The Paperless Outcome

By implementing the paperless data capture solution for tablet, the Installation Delivery Team at AGA Rangemaster have benefited from the following improvements:

• Pre-populated fields on the digital form allows the users to have visibility of their work load. This reduces the time to complete forms as the customer information is already available.
• Customer feedback can be sent to the call centre allowing the customer to be contacted on the same day. This has improved customer relationship management.
• Customers can receive a copy of the digital form for their own records in near real time.
• Images from the installation and signatures providing proof of delivery are captured on the digital form. This details all aspects of the installation and allows for the call centre to have all information available in one file.
• All completed digital forms can be stored electronically. This reduces the amount of paper used, scanning time, processes are fully automated, and a full electronic audit trail is available.

Paperless Data Capture

If you would like more information on our paperless data capture, please contact us here and we can talk you through our digital form solutions.  

The real benefits of using Bantham Technologies digital forms are seen within the administration tasks in the office through full automated processing with no manual intervention required.

Clive Taylor

Head of IT at AGA Rangemaster