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Bantham Technologies features in April’s Industrial News

Bantham Technologies are very proud to see our ‘More time to care’ article featured in April’s edition of Industrial News.

This is a testament to the outstanding work the team at Bantham have achieved working with The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT).

Digitisation of data and the use of e-forms will play an important role in the fight against climate change through the reduced use of paper and significant reductions in travel. Aside from the micro benefits of reductions in waste and resources, environmental costs will increasingly be reflected in the financial price paid by the NHS for energy, medicines, food and other services. The reduction of waste will be a key success metric for whether the NHS can, or will, hit its target, especially for an organisation not renowned for efficiencies. It will push reducing waste and maximising value for patients right to the top of the agenda in every corner of the organisation.

This forward-thinking approach by RWT can hopefully be replicated elsewhere, leading to improved outcomes and better healthcare for patients in the future.

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